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Here you can find answers to frequently asked questions about the wegfinder app.

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General Information 💡

How can I use the wegfinder app?
You can easily install the app on your smartphone via the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. In order to buy public transport tickets or to rent e-scooters, bikes and cars, you need a credit or debit card.
Where can I use the wegfinder app?
You can use the wegfinder app throughout Austria for public transport (ÖBB, WESTbahn, regional transport associations...) and sharing services. You can plan routes, buy tickets and rent vehicles. The range of sharing services (e-scooters, car sharing, bike sharing) is particularly diverse in the provincial capitals. Under the tab 'Map' you can find all public transport and sharing services in your area. Are you looking for the best way from A to B? Then use the start screen for a route search. If you already know how to get to your destination, you can book the right vehicle or ticket directly from the start screen.
How does the payment of public transport tickets and sharing services work?
Payment works with credit or ATM card directly via the app. You can store your credit or ATM card in your profile under 'Payment Methods'. If you start a booking without having previously saved your credit card details, we will inform you during the booking process that a credit card is required. You will then have the option to add your credit or debit card as well.
Which means of payment are accepted?
We accept credit and ATM cards. You can use your ATM card if it has the VISA or Mastercard logo and a 16-digit card number (in addition to the IBAN) on it.
I was debited an incorrect amount. What should I do?
We reserve a certain amount on your card at the beginning of your trip (e-scooter, car and bikesharing, taxi) and then only charge the actual amount, the rest is released. You will also be notified of this authorization in the overview before the booking. Depending on the bank, this is displayed differently and it can take up to two weeks until the money is available on your card again (usually it is much faster, but then it is no longer in our hands).
Can I only enter Austrian cell phone numbers?
Meanwhile we accept almost all cell phone numbers. Just replace the standard prefix +43 with the one of your country.
Do I need to install app updates?
We are constantly improving our app. We recommend that you install updates regularly, respectively check that you have the latest app version installed so that you can benefit from all of our improvements and new features.
I found a bug. How can I report it?
We welcome all comments and suggestions for improvement. Please use the 'Send us an email' function in the app. You can find this under 'Profile' - 'Feedback'. When using this function, important information about the app version you are using is transmitted, which we need to process the request. Thank you very much!
What happens to my personal data?
Data protection is of great concern to us. We use data of our users only to the extent necessary for legitimate and justified purposes. Details about our privacy policy can be found here (German only) here.

Public Transport 🚌🚊

How do I book public transport tickets?
Search for a route. Select the appropriate route result and click 'Tickets' to make the booking.
Can I buy a ticket for my bike/dog?
It is possible to buy a ticket for your bike/dog. Search for a route and select one. Now click on “Tickets” and then on the person icon (on the top right of the screen), here you can add a ticket for your bike/dog. Please note that bike tickets can only be purchased depending on availability. Trains, for example, have a limited number of bicycle parking spaces and if these are already all occupied, then unfortunately we can no longer sell you a ticket.
Where can I find my ticket?
Your purchased tickets will be sent to you by e-mail to the e-mail address you provided, and you can also access them directly in the app in your profile under "Tickets & Trips". To do this, you need a program on your smartphone to open PDFs. Usually one is pre-installed, but you can also download one from the app store (e.g. Adobe).
Does the ticket need to be printed?
For your trip in Austria, your ticket is valid digitally and can simply be presented on your smartphone. If your trip takes you outside of Austria, please print out your ticket additionally and take it with you.
Can I cancel my ticket/change date or name?
Unfortunately it is not possible to exchange or cancel tickets purchased through wegfinder, as we ourselves also have no possibility of cancellation or credit. You will also be informed about this during the booking process. You can still directly contact the customer service of the respective mobility partner and explain your situation, maybe they can help.
Where can I store my annual pass or other discounts?
In the profile under 'Discounts' you can store a variety of discounts.

🛴 E-Scooters & Bikes 🚲

How do I rent e-scooters and bikes?
You can rent e-scooters and bikes by scanning the QR code of the vehicles with the wegfinder app. Select the desired means of transport on the start screen and follow the instructions in the app. You can find vehicles near you under the tab 'Map'. Select the desired vehicle by clicking on an icon on the map. Then start the rental by clicking the 'Scan & Ride' button.
What can you do if scanning the QR code does not work?
E-scooters and bikes can be locked for maintenance, but this should be indicated by a specific message during the scan. If the camera scan does not work, you also have the option to enter the number code manually.
How do I use the e-scooters and bikes? Is there anything I need to pay attention to?
Before your first ride, we will automatically show you a short tutorial within the app that gives you all the important info about your ride. You can watch the tutorials again at any time: Simply scan the QR code of the desired vehicle and then click on 'How it works'.
How can I end the ride?
Make sure you are in an approved parking zone, open the wegfinder app and click 'End Rent'.
Where can I park e-scooters and bikes? How do I find the appropriate parking zones?
Before you start your rental, you can view all the parking zones on the map under 'Map'. Select the desired vehicle on the map by clicking on the icon, then click on the "polygon" icon in the upper right corner of the screen.
I could not end my scooter/bike ride. It was charged too much on my credit card.
Please send us from the e-mail address you booked with a description of the incident (When and where did the rental take place? What problem occurred?) to We will have a look at your booking and contact you as soon as possible.
Will I receive an invoice?
Yes, you can view the invoices for your e-scooter rides (TIER, KIWIride) at the end of the day in your profile under “Tickets & Trips”. Invoices from the provider GREEN4RENT can be viewed in your profile on the day following your booking, and nextbike invoices are sent to you by e-mail once a month.
Why am I charged 10€ at the beginning of a ride?
This is not a debit, but a reservation. We reserve an amount on the card at the start of the rental, which varies depending on the partner (currently 10€ for e-scooter). When we receive the invoice for the rental the actual amount will be charged. If the invoice amount is higher, a subsequent booking will be made on the same payment method, if the actual amount is lower, then the difference will be released.

Mountain Bikes & E-Bikes - Bike Tyrol 🚵

Where can I rent mountain bikes and e-bikes?
Currently you can rent mountain bikes and e-bikes with the wegfinder app at the following locations in Tyrol: Matrei am Brenner, Kufstein and Wörgl. The bikes are located in so-called bike lounges, in large containers near the train station. You can find the exact locations in the app.
Can I rent the bike at one location and return it at another?
No. Please return your rental bike to the location where you borrowed it.
What kind of bikes are available? Are there different types?
Depending on availability, mountain bikes and e-mountain bikes are available in different sizes. In the wegfinder app, we show you which models are available at the desired time. Select 'Rent a bike' on the start screen and discover all available models for your next trip.
Do the bikes have a luggage rack?
The Focus Aventura2 model has a luggage rack. In the app you can see pictures of each model.
Is the mounting of self-brought accessories (e.g. panniers, trailers, child seats) allowed?
Is the mounting of self-brought accessories (e.g. panniers, trailers, child seats) allowed? No, unfortunately this is not permitted due to liability reasons.
Are the e-bikes always charged?
Yes, each e-bike is plugged in for charging by the people using it beforehand.
How long does the battery last?
That depends on many different factors. The e-bikes are equipped with the new and most powerful Bosch Performance CX drive of the 4th generation and a powerful 625 Wh battery. Depending on the terrain, weight, speed and support level, you can achieve ranges of up to 150 kilometers.
How do I charge my e-bike?
For one-day bookings, the e-bikes are always charged, which means you have a full battery charge available. For multi-day use, you bring the e-bike to the bike lounge and charge it in the designated place on the charger. Please make sure that you plug in the charging cable when you return the bike and end the rental.
How much does it cost to rent a bike?
You can rent the bikes for a daily rate. Details can be found in the app and here in the rate info sheet (PDF).
How do I reserve and book a mountain bike/e-bike?
Select 'Rent a bike' directly on the start screen of the wegfinder app and follow the instructions in the app. You can either reserve a bike in advance or directly scan the QR code on the door of the bike lounge and book.
Can I cancel my reservation?
Go to your profile and open your booking under 'Tickets & Trips'. Here you can see all your booking details and cancel the reservation. You can find any cancellation fees in the tariff info sheet (PDF).
Can I book multiple bikes at the same time via the app?
No, unfortunately this does not work at the moment. You can only book a bike for yourself.
How do I open the bike lounge or start my rental?
You can only open the bike lounge if you have an active reservation at the time. Go to your profile and open your booking under 'Tickets & Trips'. Select 'Pick up bike' and then scan the QR code on the door of the bike Lounge. It will open automatically. Find your booked bike (all details in the app) and unlock the lock via Bluetooth.
How do I unlock the bike?
To unlock and lock the bike, activate Bluetooth on your smartphone (go to settings) and follow the instructions in the wegfinder app.
How do I lock the bike when I just want a break?
You can of course lock and unlock your rental bike outside the bike lounge during your rental. The electronic frame lock provided for this purpose is already permanently installed on the bike. Select 'Pause' in the wegfinder app and follow the instructions.
How can I end the rental?
Return your rental bike to the bike lounge, open the wegfinder app and select 'End ride'. Follow the instructions in the app.
What do I do if the bike lounge is full when I return the bike?
Each bike has its own number and a predetermined parking space. Usually, one of the 28 spots in the bike lounge is always free for your bike. If this is not the case for some reason, you can of course park your bike in the aisle of the bike lounge. In this case please inform the customer service under the phone number +43 51717 2100.
Do I get an invoice?
Yes, you can view the invoice for your ride shortly after the end of the rental in your profile under 'Tickets & Trips'.
Who will help me in case of technical problems, accident, breakdown, damage, theft?
In case of technical problems, the service hotline of the ÖBB customer service is happy to support you under the phone number +43 51717 2100. You can find this phone number and other practical tips regarding your booking under 'Help', directly in the wegfinder app.

Profile Settings 📲

What payment methods are accepted?
Tickets and rides with sharing services, such as e-scooters, cars and bikes, can currently be paid with a credit or debit card via the app. Tip: Nowadays, almost every classic ATM card is a debit card. We know that several users would like to see more payment alternatives, which is why we are already talking about expanding to other payment methods (such as Apple Pay). However, since this is a very sensitive topic, an implementation is not so easy, we can unfortunately not give you an exact time frame.
Why do I need a wegfinder account?
In principle, you can also use wegfinder without an account. However, if you use different devices, we recommend that you create a wegfinder account so that you have all your tickets and journey details with you - regardless of which device you are using. As soon as you log in to your account, your data (trips, tickets, favorite places, etc.) will be synchronized.
How can I change my e-mail address?
To change your email address, click on 'Account' in your profile and then on 'Personal Data'. There you can change it by clicking on 'E-Mail Address'.
How do I reset my password?
You can reset your password directly in the app (Profile - Account - Login - Forgot password?) or just click here.

Contacts 💬

For general concerns or billing questions, please contact us directly with a message message and wait for our response.

In urgent cases, such as problems with starting or ending your ride, you can also contact the mobility provider directly by phone:

City Airport Train (CAT)
Telephone number: +43125250
ÖBB & Public Transport Associations
Telephone number: +4351717
ÖBB 360° Mobility hotline for Bad Ischl, Korneuburg, Leoben, Waidhofen/Ybbs
Telephone number: +43 51717 2100
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